Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Christ is Risen

Firstly my apologies to all who have contacted this site in the last few months and found nothing new. We've been incredibly busy with many things ( some shared below ) and we've been away in USA for some weeks also.

We had a wonderful time linking up with Bayfarm community church in California and a team from there will come out to us in October\November.

Also I was able to link up with Saddleback's missions director on behalf of the Baptist Union of Moldova to set up some of their teachers coming out to Moldova to teach the Purpose Driven Church and Life principles possibly in the Spring of 2008

The Baptist Union has also asked me to get involved with 30 or so of their church plants ( from
2 -30 members ) in Moldova.

I am preparing teaching for these pastors but am much more interested in getting involved with them in practical ways like doing missions or helping set up children's works or bringing teams to their villages to help in other ways.

We like you have just celebrated Easter here and this is a photo of the meeting. We had various inputs from the children and from the youth with a play and from individuals with songs or poems.
The message was "Christ is Risen.... but what does that mean for us "and we went on to explain how we can be also resurrected as a result, physically after death but spiritually now in this life and that this resurrection will enable us to be in a personal relationship with God.

We are doing a series now until Pentecost about the experiences of Knowing God personally.

We had a number of unbelievers at the meeting and several completed response forms asking for further discussion or bible study on the subject and one young man gave his life to the Lord.

Please pray also for one of the ones who wanted to talk.

He is a very well known man in the village with a past and he came to talk to me on Monday. We had around 2 hours together and he is very close to committing his life to the Lord. His salvation would likely shake the village and further abroad.

We have 2 of our trustees and a team coming to visit us here in Gotesti this week and have a baptism meeting on Sunday while they are here when Nicu the blind young man who committed his life ot the Lord in December will be baptised.

Please pray for many to come to this event and to hear the gospel and respond

Following this on April 25-29 three times former world champion in Kung Fu Tony Anthony will be with us for missions in Cahul and then in Chisinau the capital. He was wonderfully saved while in a Cyprus prison and has a powerful testimony.

Pray also for us as we did not get our residency permits completed in time for the expiry date and so had to leave at midnight on April 13. We returned at 12.30 and now have another 90 days to get them done.

Yours and His
Pastor Mark

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