Friday, October 10, 2008

Bayfarm With us Again

It was great to have the team from Bayfarm Community church with us again this year.
Here Michelle from Texas is giving her testimony in the Harvest service on Sunday morning in Gotesti church.

They were fully involved in an intense programme that was prepared for them including 9 kindergarden visits 3 schools a medical centre and two centres for children

Here Tim is giving his testimony in the harvest service on Sunday morning.

It was very powerful and also fitted very well into the gospel message that was later preached

Kim, the leader of the team and with her back to the camera is doing a story with the kids in the Kindergarten in Baurcii, one of the church plant villages we are involved with and trying to help.

They were very warm as was the school in the same village and the kindergarten in Ursoia where the other half of the team went to for similar kinds of meetings

All of these kindergartens are very short of materials especially sheets, pillow cases, duvets and mattresses and the team have gone home seeking to find support to equip as many as possible of these kindergartens with these essentials to enable them to function.

Chris, now an old hand having been on the team last year, preached on two occassions, here in Baurcii church plant and also at our Thursday night meeting in Gotesti

His message from Mark 4 was on how we, like the disciples of Jesus keep on rowing hopelessly in the midst of an unassailable storm in our lives instead of waking up Jesus who is nearby asleep to take over and calm the storm.

There were many in the meeting touched and also with us for the evening
were our esteemed head teachers from the Chircani and Gotesti schools.
Eugenia ( left ) and Olga (right ).
Pray for them. It is a difficult job with much responsibility and little pay

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