Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tony Anthony

We were priviledge to have former 3 times world champion in Kung Fu and now international evangelist Tony Anthony with us in the South of Moldova from Nov 7-16.

Here is one of the outreach meetings he did in Vad lui Isaac.

In total around 5000 came under the sound of the word of God through his ministry during the 9 days here in 22 different locations.

Tony also did 2 Release conferences with over 500 believers in total getting teaching and training in evangelism that leads to them being better equippped to share the gospel themselves.

Although Tony spoke to bigger crowds (over 1200 in Colibasi)

I found this event in Pelinei particulraly encouraging.

Pelinei is one of the church plants we are working with and they have just 22 members but here around 250 people attended the cultural house and heard the gospel clearly preached.

These ones came not only from Pelinei but also 3 other nearby villages where the church in Pelinei is working.

Speaking to Misa, the pastor afterwards we both felt that a week long mission in the cultural house surely must be done to follow up on what is a notable interest among these villagers.

Please pray for this.

Please also pray for Tony who left immediately from us to the Ukraine for another 10 days of mission and has his calendar booked for speaking engagements of all kinds until 2010

Pastor Mark

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