Monday, February 16, 2009

Petrica Vornic

This is Petrica Vornic and thanks to the provision of a vehicle for the physically disabled we have been able to get him to church.

He is 20 yrs old and used to come to the Karis club 3 years ago when he was able bodied

Two years ago he fell of a horse led cart and the cart then ran over his back and paralysed him. He was in bed for 6 months unable to move.

But he is a very determined young man and has now got back the use of both his arms and tries to walk short distances on crutches even though he has little use of his legs

We are able to bring him to the meeting on Sundays and to the youth group on Fridays because we have the physically disabled vehilce.

He's looking for a girlfriend

We're praying he finds God

Pastor Mark

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