Monday, July 27, 2009

Election July 29

This Wednesday, July 29, we will have the second general election in Moldova in as many months.

The communists won the last election amid opposition claims of 20,000 dead people on the electoral register that voted communist and a serious riot the day after in Chisinau.

The communists fell one member of parliament short of being able to have 61 out of 101 votes that would have meant that they could elect their own president. The president has the main power in this country.
The 3 democratic parties had campaigned that they would do no deals with the communists ( as at the previous election some democratic parties voted with the communists after the eection and the communists were able to elect their own president ).
They stood by their word and so new elections were needed.

The picture above is that of Valeriu Ghilecthii who is the outgoing bishop of the Baptist Union ( having served his allowed 2 terms ).
He is standing with the steajarul party although he is not a member and they have given him 11th place in their electoral lists (it is proportional representation here )
His party gained 15 seats I think in the last election and he therefore secured a seat.
We are praying that his party again gets enough votes for him to be elected so that we might have a true man of God in the centre of the parliament for this country of ours here.

Will you pray for this also and that the elections would be fair and true and that there would be no violence before, during or after.

Will you pray that he is light and salt and a flame in the parliament and in our country

Pastor Mark

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