Tuesday, May 4, 2010

St Michael's in Chircani

We were very glad to have a team from St Michael's church from Bristol with us in April.

Here they are singing a song in the Sunday meeting at Gotesti.

We had them busily occupied while here ( nothing new in that says anyone who has ever been here on a team )

But although they slept and ate in Gotesti they had come to link up with the church in Chircani
and in particular with Ruslan and family who are overseeing the work in Chircani.

There are about 1000 residents in the village of Chircani and we have 11 members in the church there which has grown from 6 members that was the church around 2 yrs ago.

We also have quite a few people showing an interest in the gospel and a growing children's work there.
Last year the Lord blessed us and through a brother from the UK we were provided the funds to buy this building to convert into a church community centre.

Our vision is to convert the building to have a meeting hall for Sunday meetings etc along with an indoor baptistry + 2 Sunday school rooms, a youth room and a sports room and then a later phase would be to convert the left half of the building into a community centre for the poor and for the physically disabled etc.

Here is a photo of a proposal that an architect has given us which providing his estimate is real we are thinking we will go ahead with.

Always in need of your prayers
Pastor Mark

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Helene said...

Wow, Mark...looks like will be an AMAZING building and meeting place for the church and community!
I follow your blog regularly though haven't kept in touch since I came with Mission Direct last year. Wish I could come again, think of you all often. My very best wishes and prayers :)