Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress at Chircani Church Community Centre

We have at last started to do some work on the church community centre in Chircani.

Here a team from mission direct are helping fit doube glazed windows to the existing building.

As you can see they are also working on painting the fence that they were involved in building.

Sadly you may also observe that the fence is close beside the church rather than near the road.

We had hoped to be able to purchase the land in front of the church so we could have a kids playground and nice grass and flowers but the local council refused us permission to buy it.

We have been running into many problems with our documents ( what else is new!) which has meant that we were not able to start the main construction changes this summer but we are trusting that this will give us time to raise more of the 48K needed for this project so we can start with full power in the Spring of 2011.
As you can see from this picture we have finished the windows ( and will soon also have the doors done ) and we have done a temporary paint job on the outside. We will do some painting etc in the inside and thus have a meeting room ready to have our Sunday meetings and children's meetings throughout this winter.
Pray with us that the various bodies do the documents as they should do and we are able to start
Pray also that all the funds come in for us to be able to finish this project by the end of next summer.

Pastor Mark

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