Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Alpha Course

We have started a new Alpha course in the church at Gotesti and are into our second week

Around 50 are coming so far from 5 different villages in our region.

For those of you that do not know the format of the Alpha course. We have one meeting per week for around 10 weeks and on each occassion we start with a meal together where we can chat and enjoy one another's company and then from the front a message is given on a theme

The first week's message was Who is Jesus and this week we looked at Why did Jesus die.

Then we split into groups and discuss questions or thoughts arising from the theme of the message or any other taxing questions.

This is the group from Badicu village with Lucian the pastor right of picture. A very intelligent and active group.

One lady in one of the other groups felt she wanted to give her life to the Lord after the meeting and with joy and tears received Him.

The man on the left looking into the camera in this picture is Volodia, the pastor of the church in Cantemir.

This group included some of the oldest ones attending but one of our other groups included some youth as young as 16 so we are blessed to have a great mix of ages and backgrounds finding the Alpha course of use

Keep us in your prayers

Pastor Mark

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