Monday, March 7, 2011

Visit from Giugulesti Church

On Sunday 27th Feb we had the pastor and a group of youth come from Giurgulesti Baptist Church and participate in our Sunday morning meeting.

Giurgulesti is around 90Km further South from us and is right on the border with Romania and also Ukraine.

The church there has been established from just after the war while Pastor Fedea has been there as missionary and pastor since 1990.

After our own worship group began with a couple of worship songs the Giurgulesti youth group then did a programme of songs and Christian poems.

We had Misa Caraivan the leader of the youth at National level for the Baptist Union also with us and he brought a short message of encouragement towards the end of their programme.

Then Fedea Parparlov, the pastor of Giurgulesti Baptist Church brought the main message for the day. His theme was being led by God in His care.

We all felt encouraged and lifted up.

Their programme with us came to a close as Fedea's daugther Rebecca and their youth leader sang a duet.

It also gave us all an excuse to go and have a pizza together in Karis Pizza after the meeting.
Ah life is so hard here in Moldova!!!
Pastor Mark

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