Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Pastor at Antonesti

It was with some emotion that we attended the final Sunday of the ministry of Nicolai Sin in the Rep of Moldova.

He has been ministering and planting and growing churches all around the South of Moldova for the last 20 odd years and on Sunday many of his friends and peers gathered together to say a fond farewell as he and his family emigrate to USA.
His final pastorate has been the church in Antonesti ( while he has continued to mentor others where he was involved in planting the church )

Many of those that came to the front to share a short word were ones he had led to the Lord and who are now pastors or leaders in other churches or plants.

Some had travelled over 100Km to get there and as you can imagine it was an emotional time.

At the end of the meeting we had an unofficial hand over of the church leadership to the soon to be new pastor - Roma Munteanu. Here is with the members in the church at Antonesti as they said their testimonies to Nicolai and his minsitry to them and also gave him a small farewell gift ( in a future blog we will no doubt be doing a profile on Roma and Tanya and his family when we will have a better photo ).

Roma is and will be working with me as we go through the process of transfer so that he and the believers in the church find it as easy as possible to cope with the change. If all goes well we would expect Roma and Tanya to move to the village at the end of May and then we would take it from there.

Keep them in your prayers and Nicolai and his family also

Yours and His

Pastor Mark

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