Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Rudi's at Obreja

This is Ghita and Olia Rudi with their family who are responsible for the church in the village of Obreja which is north of Chisinau.
We have been trying to help them in their ministry as much as we are able albei it in a very small way.
Their village is over 300Km from us so we are not able to "pop" in to see them but did manage to get up there for a visit a little while ago.
We were able to see all the minsitries they are involved in which includes a healthy children's work
Here we can see the fruit of a summer camp they did this year with the help of a team from abroad that came through O.M's contacts.
O goodly number of kids came and many are continiung to come to the 2 new groups that they have formed.
A major need in their ministry is that the Lord would save some men whom Ghita could disciple to become co-workers with him and another need is to replace the rotten doors and windows in their weather affected church building. We were able to help them with funds to buy a new front door ( double glazed ) but all the other windows and doors also need replaced - we're praying the Lord help them in both needs
Pastor Mark

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