Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chircani Building Progress

Our thanks to you all who have been involved with us in the construction of our church building in Chircani.
We have just received another gift from one of you that means we have enough funds to be able to complete phases 3,4 and 5a-c of the work. Basically this means that we will be able to finish the outside of the building and also the meeting room, 2 Sunday school rooms and the other facilities such as indoor bathrooms etc.

Now we are working with all our power to get the work done in time to have a church opening on Easter day 5th May here in Moldova and then follow this up with a one week mission the following week.

In the photos you can see how we have got the floors and the baptistery done and just last week the electricity has been laid and connected.

We will need to get the walls finished with spaclovca - a kind of white cement that makes for a lovely finish and then various other finishes need doing.

We start this week on the outside of the building with maybe 3 teams and we hope to get it finished in time.

Keep praying for this and especially for the mission we plan to do to celebrate the opening

Pastor Mark

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