Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Tamed Tiger was in Town

Tony Antony evangelist and author of the autobiography “Taming the Tiger” came to Moldova April 25-29.

For those who do not know him, his biography tells of how as a young boy he was taken from his home in England to his grandfather in China and forcibly and brutally trained up to be a Kung Fu master. In 1987-89 he was world champion 3 yrs in a row but shortly after this his life turned into a downward spiral when he became a body guard and then into crimes which landed him into the notorious Nicosia prison in Cyprus for 3 years.

It was while there in the pit of existence he got wonderfully born again and he now has a worldwide evangelistic ministry through the Avanti mission.

He is working in 40 countries and his book is translated into 27 languages.

We were blessed to have him in Moldova for these 5 days when he gave his testimony and preached a gospel presentation to nearly 5000 people in 13 different venues, including schools, universities, a prison and evening outreach events.

We are now planning a nationwide event in November 2008 to including his evangelism training seminars for all our pastors in the Baptist Union as well as a series of major outreach venues throughout the land.

Pray with us for these things

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