Sunday, August 5, 2007

Physically Disabled Outreach

Our apologies to any of you looking at this blog site and finding no change for the last number of weeks ( feels like at little bit of déjà vu as I write )
We have been in the UK then in Romania and the at a missionaries conference in Moldova.

You’ll remember the story of Nicu, the young lad blind from birth who got saved and baptized in February.
Well it as if God had to save a physically disabled person to awaken us to the need in general of the physically disabled especially in our village.

One thing led to another and in May we had a special outreach meeting for the physically disabled in our village.

As you can see from the photo we had around 40 come to the meting we ran ( and that did not include those from Chircani or Cosntantinovca ).

We had an able bodied brother from Germany take the meeting and indeed sponsor the cost but Dima (a paraplegic who’s been a Christian for many years did the preaching and Gregory, blind from 10 months led the worship )

We had a meal afterwards and each was given a gift of food and a small money gift.

Everyone who attended said they really enjoyed it and wanted to come again so we plan to do another in September.
There is a very big need in this area If you look at the picture you’ll see around 4 with wheelchairs but there are at least another 10 there who need them.
There are also blind and partially sighted there who have no help – not even a white stick.

We made a contact in USA that would be willing to send a container load of wheelchairs to our nearest port ) probably Constansa ) free of charge but it seems the government has restriction on getting them into Moldova such that we might only get about 10% of these to use as we see fit.

So we need much prayer in this area for wisdom how to go forward and help with the many needs

Mark McCormick 1 August 2007
The man int he wheel chair front bottom is now coming regularly to the church

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