Monday, September 10, 2007

Police Conference

The third Annual Conference of the Christian Police Association

Both Mari and I were invited to participate in this weekend held Sep 7-9 at Dusa Suumer Camp as guests speakers.
The Theme of the weekend was “Who is your security” and around 40 families attended including several non Christians.

I preached an opening ceremony short address and preached a final meeting evangelistic message while leading a discussion seminar on the Saturday afternoon at the same time as Mari took the ladies group.

There were guest speakers from Holland and from Romania and several people responded in various ways over the weekend

There are around 15,000 policemen in Moldova and yet there are only around 25 members in this association who are Christian and probably not that many more in the whole country.

It is a fledgling work and yet the 5 members of the board are dedicated and gifted men of God with a big vision for this work.

In my view this is one of the most significant works in the country. If the police force had a significant number of committed Christians what change this would bring to the country and it’s future as a whole.

There is a big need here of sponsors for this work. All the leaders are working full time and each has to have a second job to be able to support his family as the police salary is about 90 pounds per month and they need at least 120-150 per month in the capital to live if they are not to fall into debt.

The association has no funding. We at Moldovan MIssion Mission mostly funded this weekend summer camp conference. Around 10 pounds per person was need to cover food, accommodation and transport. Due to these funding limitations they were only able to fund around 40 families when the venue would have accommodated 120 families.

If there are any of you reading this that feel you would like to become a sponsor
(Victor in blue shirt has been blind for 17 yrs
after a driving accident)

of this work in some way or you know an organisation or a church or a group of people who would like to help then please contact me on
Christmastiem will be the next major outreach
they will want to do to make the most of the
festival opportunity

Yours and His


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Mindy said...

Greetings Mark, and what amazing work you are doing! It is so exciting to see God moving through the homes and lives that you touch! Our team from Bay Farm Church is looking forward to coming next month. I will be there next year! Love in Christ, your home away from home!