Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mssionary Conference, Chisinau

We were privileged to be invited to be a speaker at this years Baptist Missionary conference which was held at the summer camp resort of Vad lui Voda August 1-4.

Around 70 missionary families sent out by the B.U. to places like Afghanistan, Iran, Alaska and all the different regions of Russia were in attendance as well as a portion of those the BU has sent out into Moldova to church plant.

Mike Grevette, director of missions for the Georgia Baptist Union, USA was the main speaker, while Valeriu Ghilecthi and Ion Miron president and vice president of the BU ( see photo ) where there the whole 4 days.
Another speaker was Fitalie Fedula pastor ( see photo with his wife Larisa ) of the biggest evangelical church in Moldova Jesus the Saviour with 1500 members

We heard testimonies form the various missionaries of God’s faithfulness especially in Muslim countries where freedom is not permitted for the gospel.

A team from the USA took our children from 10.00-13.00 for games etc while we had the seminar times and in the afternoon everyone was able to relax in the swimming pool or volley ball or soccer fields or the many other options that were available.

I think we could say with confidence that everyone found a blessing in these 4 days of conference.

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