Friday, October 19, 2007

Mission continuing

The mission has been continuing to go well with up to Friday night 26 adults having responded to thr gospel as well as several children.

Ruslan has been counselling them after their response and it apears that many have understood well the gospel and made serious responses

Pray for the first new believers discpleship course that will take place at 15.00 on Tuesday 23 october

Alexei, the former mayor of the village and former head teacher of the school was one of those who responded this week and his wife the following day.

In fact we have up to now had 3 married couples respond this week.

On Friday night we had Angelina Vasilache a well know gospel singer come and do most of the programme for the meeting as well as give her testimony

Meanwhile the Bayfarm team have been continuing on daily visits.

Here they are doing a programme in one of the 3 Kindergartens in Gotesti.

We were able to leave some games for the kids like leggo etc as none of these Kindergartens have any games

The team has also been doing visits to poor homes giving aid and also piglets the funds for which have been supplied mostly by Eurovangelism.

Many of the poor people they have visited have also come to the meeting during the week

Pray for the final two days of the mission that there would continue to be more new unsaved people come to the meetings and that they get saved

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