Wednesday, October 17, 2007

mission day Oct 16

Thank you for continuing to pray for the mission and all events surrounding it. It is going well with plenty of unbelievers coming and hearing the word - some for the first time.

Here are two ladies that responded. They are mother and daughter and were visited by the team earlier in the day.
Natasa in red has been coming to the chruch for some weeks but her mother Olia was there for the first time on Tuesday night.

The team did a play in the meeting called measuring up which really spoke of a man trying to keep the law to measure up and be accepted but then finding his rest in God. Sandra Newton also gave her testimony of how she was called by God to salvation at a youth for Christ rally many years ago.

Earlier in the day we had been to the local school which has 600 pupils

The photo to the right is the team meeting Olga the head teacher and below is Kim giving her testimony to the teachers in the room that Bayfarm church and friends have given a gift to refurbish it with double glazed windows, tables and chairs carpet etc
The team have been doing other visits to Kindergartens in the village and in the afternoons they have been visiting people's homes and sharing the gospel with them and inviting them to the meeting in the evening.
All this having travelled 10,000 Km to get here - not bad for a bunch of jet lagged oldies.
Pastor Mark

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