Friday, March 21, 2008

Fisher of Men

This is Vasile Boev from Chircani who is one of those who repented in December.
He is also one who will receive baptistm on May 18 when we have our baptism meeting.
The fish beside him is 25 Kg and there is a lovely story of God's faithfulness attached to the catching of it.
Before getting saved Vasile had a big drinking problem and this finally led to him receiving a bad beating from his so-called friends, so bad indeed that he sustained some brain damage which even now is not yet healed.
However Vasile sees this now as the Lord's hand as it brought him to his senses.
He started coming to the meeting and in December got saved
What has this got to do with the fish you might well ask?
Well, having now got saved he went one day into his garage and took the 300 litres of wine that remained in the barrel and poured it out in his garden even though selling this was the only means of support for his family.
When one of his neighbours saw the wine flowing he came running in to Vasile thinking an accident had happened and could not believe the madness of his neighbour.
Vasile then went on to rip out all the vines that he had in his garden and burn them. To me it was like he had crushed the golden calf, burned it in the fire and scattered the ashes into the wind with no thought of how he would now support his family.
God, of course could not let that pass without demonstrating his faithfulness to Vasile in that within a few days he caught this big fish which he sold for over 100$ recouping almost all of what he would have sold the wine for over the next 3 months or so.
May God make Vasile into a fisher of men

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