Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Women's day

Here are some of our ladies gathered together in our as yet unopened pizzerie for a special ladies day.

Mari led the meeting and they had a time of worship and sharing and then a word from the bible by Mari and then discussions in groups.

There was a lot of positive feedback from all who attended

Around 50 were there from our 2 churches.

Here are some of the Baptist pastors and their wives for the South

We meet on the first Monday of every month where we plan things together like evangelistic events or teaching seminars etc

We also have opportunity to see how we can help one another in all the ways that we can as well as share the burdens.

In the centre front in the light brown coat is Andrei Ciobanu who is the Baptist Union leader for the South.

This is Ruslan and Larisa Telpiz with
their children David and Rut.

He is the deacon in our church although eh is really assistant pastor to me as well as taking responsibility for the Chircani church plant

Larisa oversees all the children's work in our 3 villages which amounts to about 160-180 kids every week.

Pray for this couple as they are a very important part of our work here

With much love


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