Monday, April 14, 2008

Cahul Baptism

Here Mari and I are preaching the gospel at a baptism meeting at Emanuel church in Cahul on Sunday 13 April

Unfortunately I am not able to get a photo of the baptism candidates onto this blog site

Five were baptised and all gave testimony that spoke clearly of their relationship with the Lord which was helpful as the message was on "I came to give life" and this life is having a personal relationship with God

There were around 200 people there of whom many were as yet unsaved and 5 or 6 responded to the gospel appeal.

Emanuel church are one of the fastest growing in the South having had already 15 baptism meetings since they began 8 years ago and they have already around 80 members

They meet in a school but a new law means that by this September they will no longer be allowed to meet in the school and thus they have started a church building.

The problem is even though they have given sacrificially they still need around 100,000$ to finish.

They hope that they can move into at least the unfinished meeting hall by September 14.

Pray the Lord provides the money

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