Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aid for the poor

This year courtesy of the supporters of Eurovangelism, and others we have been able to bring aid packets of flour, rice, spaghetti, sugar etc to 300 families in over 15 villages served by 5 churches.

This is Axenia photographed with one of her 5 children ( Sabrina - what a beautiful name.)

She spent 10 years in prison for murdering her husband who was furiously beating one of the children in a drunken rage.

One of the members of the Cantemir church who is a policeman witnessed to her in prison and to cut a long and tragic stort short she eventually ended up in the church in Cantemir and has given her life to the Lord.

She cannot afford to have the other 4 children live with her so they are staying at an orphanage.
Her living conditions are very poor - just the one room in an apartment block that has no door and all the residents on her floor share an open toilet which has no working seweage outlet.
All the flats have no running water so she and all the residents go to the nearest well with a bucket in each hand and fetch the water.
Unbelievably the nearest well is about 400m away.
Some wag with a questionable sense of humour has written this on the wall of the apartment block

This is Natasa, whose has a small child called Volodia whose father left them before he was born.
She then met and lived with another man who is an alcoholic and is now in prison for stealing

She cannot read and has little prospect of any work living off about 200 lei she gets each month for the child
We were able to help her with an aid packet and we also come every few weeks and bring wood ( so she is not vulnerable to thieves )
Coming in this regular way also means that we are able to help her hear more about the Lord

This is Nastia from Constantinovca. She has 5 kids of which 3 are in orphanages

Her husband is alcoholic

This is the house they live in

Her husband sold their other house bit by bit to buy alcohol

Here are other shots of needy people that got aid

This lady with kids is living on her own in this broken down house.

This is pastor Andrei Ghedeon of Burlacu standing with a family of 7 all of whom live in the living room of the house behind them

This family of 7 kids and grandkids from Baurcii live in 2 rooms of this house
Divorce has left them with no bread winner for the family

There are hundreds of these needy people in our villages all with moving stories to tell
As we said earlier with the support given from Eurovangelism and others we were able to help 300 families in 15 different villages overseen by 5 churches with an aid packet of flour, oil, rice, sugar, pasta etc
Our thanks to all of you who have enabled us to help in at least a small way
Yours and His
Pastor Mark

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