Monday, January 26, 2009

Physically disabled minsitry

This is Misa Tatarli, the brother responsible for the ministry to the physically disabled in our church standing beside an answer to prayer

Those of you that already know and pray for the work here in Gotesti know of our ministry to the physically disabled.

I trust when you use our prayer pneumonic of R.I.N.O you remember to pray for "N" for Nicu who is the blind young man that is a member of our church and symbolises the ministry we have to the physically disabled and this also prompts you to pray for the ministry to the physcially disabled in general.

There is such a big need in this area of ministry in all of Moldova ( read the harrowing story of Maria and Iurie in the next blog ) not just in Gotesti.

As we have develeoped this ministry in Gotesti we have found that there are a large number of disabled ( even severely disabled ) that would love to come to our meetings but are not able to get to us because of their disabilities and we simply do not have the man power to wheel people to church nor do road conditions even permit this.

So we have been looking to the Lord for him to provide a vehicle especailly suitable for transporting the physically disabled.

Just before Christmas a brother in Chisinau told of us of an organisation in the capitol that had such a vehicle that it was looking to sell ( for around 2500 pounds with taxes etc )

I shared the opportunity with our trustees who all felt as we did that this would enhance the minsitry but we all knew the problem was that we as a mission neither had the money to buy the vehicle or sponsor the running of it for the minsitry.

We all felt however that if it was of God that he would provide and so we contacted the owners and said that we wanted to buy it but did not have any money at present.

They gave us 4 weeks to find the money and we sent out an e mail a couple of days before Christmas to all our friends and supporters sharing the need.

One brother who was due to come out on a visit to us this Spring moved our hearts by responding immediately and offering the 1000 pounds that he would have used to come out to visit towards the cost of purchasing the vehicle.

Others also responded

But as the deadline approached we were still 1300 poounds short. The onwers gave us another 2 weeks but still the money had not arrived and by Jan 15 the onwers told us that they were going to put the vehicle into the car market on Saturday Jan 17th.

On Thur I got an e mail from the pastor of a church in NI who asked if the money had been raised for the vehicle.

I told him the shortfall but said nothing of the fact that it was going into the car market on the Saturday

On the Friday he e mailed me to say that their church were commiting to giving us the rest of the money - 1300 pounds.

Praise God

We quickly rang the owners and told them not to put the car into the market the next day as we would come on Monday with the money.

And here it is parked beside the church with Misa ( who'll be the driver ) and Iulian (the maintainance man) standing beside it.

We as a church will be able to fund some of the running of the vehicle from our tithing - but it is pretty limited what we can do so we are looking to the Lord for this financial need.

If you are interested in helping we estimate that it will take about 1-2 pounds per month to bring one physically disabled person to and from church every Sunday in the month

We have at least 40 that have expressed a desire to come to church.

Yours and His

Pastor Mark