Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alpha away day

Well, what a wonderful time we had at the Alpha course "away day"

Our friend and fellow pastor Andrei Ciobanu allowed us to use the facilities at his church kindergarten and all 23 of us were able to meet together in this room and then eat together in the canteen upstairs

We arrived at 9.30 a.m. and left at 9.30 p.m having done 3 sessions of a "talk and discussion time" on the Holy Spirit and His ministry in our lives.

It also gave us much more time together than our usual 2 hours on a Sunday so that we were able to talk many more personal things and answer many questions on many themes - one discussion time after the talk lasted 3.5 hours

At the end of the day several gave their lives to the Lord and others dedicated themselves more fully.

We also discovered that one of the couples and a single mum from the group are being told to leave their homes by his mother and the single lady's sister respectively because they are attending these meetings

This single mum had sneaked out of the house leaving the child with her mum and not telling her sister where she was going to come to this day away. Somehow her sister who owns the house in which she is staying found out and even rang her at the course to give her a hard time

Yet the couple by the end of the weekend said they want to fully commit their lives to the Lord and the single mum wants to keep coming even more to the meetings.
Everyone was so blessed by the day that they insisted I get some song books from Andrei because they wanted to sing praise on the way home
Then on the following day the group got together to sing a programme in the Sudnay morning meeting
Keep praying for them as some are now wanting to get baptised and their unsaved husbands might be against this while others are wanting to make a commitment to Christ but he is still standing outside their door
Pastor Mark

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