Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter's not over yet

If you looked out my window now as I write you'd think Spring is here - blue sky some buds on the trees etc
But the Moldovans have a phrase for this kind of weather
"Sunshine with teeth"
It is still bitterly cold at night and even during the day at times
So it was good that with gifts from your good selves we were able to bring various needy ones at least some wood to do until the end of the winter we hope
This older lady is blind and has grandchildren and great grandchildren living with her

Some of you may recognise Marusia here for whom you have been praying for more than a year

She has not been coming to the church at all and a major reason is that she has been looking after husband who had a stroke.
As you can see he is walking with the aid of a stick ( things were much worse at one time )
However his disability has meant that he has been unable to work so the gift of this wood for them has come as a real blessing

Despina is one of our believers
Her husband is not a believer but has been working for the flour mill for about 8 months and has not been paid by them for the last 5 leaving them little or not funds for "luxuries" like wood
So again your gifts have helped enormously
Please keep us in your prayers
Pastor Mark

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