Saturday, May 9, 2009

Remembering the war heros

To-day, 9th May ,was a day for remembering those were lost or suffered loss in the wars that have affected Rep of Moldova over the years.

The one primarily remembered of course was the second world war.

From Gotesti 240 young men went to war and 93 did not come back.

The mayor of our village was there to lead proceedings and Anton, the priest of the Orthodox church spoke a word honouring those who fought and gave their lives for the freedom of Moldova

I am glad to say that the mayor had the monument repainted for the occassion - those of you that have been here will remember it as an oxidising green colour an unintentional testimony to a lack of remembrance.

There are only 4 surviving veterans and 8 surviving widows of the 240 and here 87 yr David Ion is speaking of his experiences.

He was called into the war as an 18yr old and within a short period of time was shot in the arm as he colleaugue beside him lost his life in the same attack .

A tank attack some time afterwards saw him suffer 2 broken legs and he was invalided out of the war.

Children from our local school did a programme of songs and poems and then inundated him with flowers

A volley of shots honoured those who had died and then

the local children came and laid a wreath.

It was a dignified occassion and I was blessed to see that the mayor, when he mentioned the names of the remaining veterans and widows, did not need to look at his notes.

Remembrance - love's last gift

Pastor Mark

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