Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simple family simply satisfied

This is Valera with his wife of 48 years.
She has had heart problems, blood circulation problems and arthritis for over 20 years.
He has quietly nursed her over all these years doing nearly all the work in the house and garden as well as trying to eek out a living.
He comes every Sunday to the meeting. She is not able to because of her disablities although we plan to get her to the odd special meeting now we have the car for the physically disabled.
Thanks to the help of many of you out there we were able to bring a sack of aid ( rice, pasta sugar etc ) and a sack of flour.
They were emotional and thankful for God's kindness. And we were moved especaily regarding Valera, a simple man who is content and has no complaints about his lot in life even though at 70 he is a full time carer for his wife with a pension of about 30$ per month.
You can't buy that kind of contentment.
Pastor Mark

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