Monday, September 14, 2009

Costa gets a birthday treat at Karis

One of the blessings of having Karis Pizza is that we are able to give our members little treats from time to time.

This is 74 year old Costa on his birthday whom we were able to invite for a pizza with us We were also to invite Despina his daughter.

Costa is the oldest believer we have in the church and he was baptised and became a member around 7 years ago.

He walks the 3 Km to the church and back again for every meeting rarely missing a meeting. He is uncomplaining, faithful and a lovely uncomplicated witness to all.

Despina his daughter was one of our first members and she also is very faithful and a hard working servant of the Lord.

Her daughter Aliona will be getting married on 3 Oct - the first of her children to leave home.

Not long after Costa got saved, his wife of many years took sick with cancer from which she shortly afterwards died

We had the priviledge of leading her to the Lord in the last week of her life and Costa has the certain hope of meeting again with the love of his life.

It is a priviledge to have ones like these in the flock.

Pastor Mark

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