Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our team wins the cup

Our team won the cup!!!

Here is our adolescents team - "Gotesti City" parading the cup.
This is an anual competition run by O.M for all of Moldova.
Churches invite adolecents from 12-15 to join this church based football team which is then entered in this competition in Chisinau. This year our team won.

It was a close competition run on a league basis and we won on goal difference ( note the referrence "we" and you'll also see me in all the pictures - it's good copy for me as a pastor to be seen with winners! )
This is Vasile Popovici who also won the equivalent of the golden boot for scoring the most goals in the competition - 9 in all. Igor tells me he is quie a talent and has possibilities for a future in the game

And speaking of Igor, here he is with Viorel (on the right) getting some deserved credit as both have worked hard with the team throughout the whole summer.
They've been coaching them 4 mornings 8.30 -10.30 every week all summer.

In the middle, holding the cup, is the captain of the team Andrei Moldovanu. Many of you may remember me doing a blog on Vova Moldovanu, his father, the former mafia man of the village, who got saved. Well Andrei is his 15 year old son - going on with God and developing into a leader already under the mentoring of Igor and Viorel.

Here is Roma, whom many of you are praying for. He is also part of the team and going on with God
He's photographed outside proudly wearing his medal
Both his parents are away working in Italy so he has no-one to esteem him like a parent would normally do so moments like this where he feels particularly valued are significant in his life.
During his work with the team all summer Igor prepared a bible study for every time the group met.
This is the major part of the ethic of this O.M. run project - to reach young adolescents with the gospel.
In the picture of the team above, only 3 of the adolescents are saved and of the rest for most this was their first time at the church but Igor reports that they have all been attentive and active in the bible studies each day at the football training.
Could you pray, now that the football summer season is over, that they still keep coming to the church and also pray that we are able to start a new group - maybe table tennis or something else in October that will be of enough interest to them that they will continue to come to the church.
It would be a shame to loose what has already been built up among them.
Pastor Mark


john gunner said...

This is absolutely outstanding news!!
I actually became a little overcome with emotion when I read this (which is not a good character trait in line with my butch image!!). I am so very proud of Igor and the lads as this is really only their 2nd year as a team. I remember with great fondness the time I spent with Igor and the team last summer and I can't wait to share the news with Manjit who will be so excited he will surely burst!! I will continue to pray earnestly for the lads to continue their new walk with Jesus.
God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

john gunner said...

....I forget to mention how wonderful it is to see little Roma wearing a winners medal. Thankyou Mark for encouraging us to pray for him and others like him.

JoannieM said...

I am soooo thrilled that God is granting you and others fruit from your labour. Your blogs and pictures make wonderful reading. It's soo good to be able to put faces to names. Igor is looking amazing and is such a blessing to you Mark.The wedding blog was particularly interesting. Abigail and Rachael look beautiful. I have been praying for more help for you and Mari so these new disciples can be fed and watered so they can grow and flourish.
I hope your health and also Mari's is stable as we continue to pray for complete healing.
Blessings to all my brothers and sisters in Moldova. xoxo