Monday, December 21, 2009

Adolescents at Cantemir

As many of you may already know we have been asked by the Baptist Union here in the South to take an assistant role for the Cantermir region.

Part of our role is to help consolodate the exisiting churches.

Here we are trying to help Cantemir church with a new adolecent group they have started with Igor our youth leader bringing a team to develop the work.

Around 10-15 lads from 15-18 yrs old come to the group held in the Cantemir church building.
They are all in technical school and all doing the same course.
They are from different villages outside Cantemir and so are staying in the dorms in the college and have nothing to do during the week.
They're a good and attentive bunch and here is Igor sharing a message with them.
Other churches in the region are already coming to ask help for other aspects of their work.
Keep us in your prayers
Pastor Mark

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