Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Visit of community church@ greenway, Bristol.

David Roderick is the director of Eurovangelism who have been great supporters of the work here in South Moldova ( as well as the rest of Europe)

Dave comes each year to report back on the progress of the various aspects of the work that Eurovangelism support.

This year we had the special blessing of him coming with a team from his home church - community church @ greenway from Bristol.

This is the meeting in Gotesti on Sunday 14th Dec when the CCG were leading our people in a worship song with actions

In fact the team were very involved in our meetings during the week with testimonies and preaches and worship leading and even sketches.

But in truth they got stuck into all the aspects of the work that Eurovangelism are part of.

Church planters, Aid, Physically Disabled Ministry, Children's work.

Eurovangelism have been connecting up churches in the UK to partner with church plants here in South Moldova with David being the UK link and me the Moldovan link. The church at Porumbesti is the latest church plant that Eurovangelism are helping find a partner for. More details of this exciting church plant with a vision for it's surrounding villages coming up in a later blog.

Support for producing aid packets for the poor is another annual help that Eurovangelism give us and in fact not just us but other churches that we are involved with here in the South.

Needy families like Catea here in this picture receive a 5 kg packet of rice, pasta, sugar 30kg flour and 5l oil. - about 30 pounds in value.

This family have already been helped by others fitting their home with electricity - He is a shepherd - an honest but very low paying occupation and now he has got seriously ill with a worms in his lungs caught from the sheep. They have eaten into both lungs. Without medical insurance ( at 100$ per year too expensive for this family ) they had to borrow a large amount to get an operation to cut out part of one of his lungs to remove the problem. He needs a similar operation on the other lung.

Thanks to the help from Eurovangelism 300 families in 15 different villages overseen by 8 different church plants will receive an aid packet of at least 30Kg of flour and 5l of oil.

Other supporters having seen the need of the poor in the winter gave some gifts last year which has enabled us to help at least a little with the cold by giving 2m3 of wood to each family which hopefully will mean that these families will have enough to avoid the risk of dying of hypothermia when it gets very cold ( -5C to -20C)

Margaret Lilley was also part of the team. She works for Scripture Union and is also responsible for 5-7 yrs at Spring Harvest each year.

O woman of much experience she came and shared in Kindergartens and on the Saturday did a conference for children's workers to which around 40 leaders from Cantemir came
They were very encouraged with the quality of the teaching.

Sadly as our time together with the team came to a close I started to come down with flu and some of the team began to join in.

Winter has now got a grip here with 1m deep snow in places.

I have quite a few speaking engagements over the Christmas period so pray for safe journeys for me.

Pastor Mark

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