Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Adolescents on their winter camp

Well once again it is that time of year when Igor and Tanya take the adolescents group away for a winter camp.

We thank God that He provides the funds for this. This year one of the supporters of Eurovangelism seeing the ministry advertised in the gift catalogue gave a gift of 500 pounds which covered 2\3 of the costs ( the accommodation costs have risen 150% this year although they are still much cheaper than they would have been going to any other accommodation.)
We had 23 including 8 leaders and workers go to the 5 day camp.
The camp was held at the O.M. centre in Chisinau where we have it each year. Their time there was split between bible teaching and discussion groups, games and sport and special trips into the capital.

Igor led the group with the boys and Tanya the group with the girls
The teaching topics were
1) What is a real Christian
2) How to become a new adolescent
3) When God is your Father
4) Jesus as a best friend
Igor and Tanya were blessed with the wonderful family atmosphere that existed the whole time and the adolescents opened up their hearts throughout the camp.
Igor preached messages in the evening that were on the same theme but he did not make an appeal simply saying that if anyone felt they would like to be a new adolescent, know God as their Father etc they could come for prayer at any time.

Seven adolescents came throughout the 5 days ( 4 boys and 3 girls )

Of the 15 adolecents that went only 3 could we say were maybe already the Lord's and the large majority of these kids are from non Christian families.
Igor was very encouraged about the level of understanding and sincerity shown in their prayers.

The kids had a great time with various organised games inside the O.M. accommodation but they also went out to the centre of the capital to see the Christmas lights.
Of course one of the big highlights for all of the kids and even the leaders was the trip out to the ice skating rink which they did on the last night.

Keep praying for those that responded and for this group that meets on a Tuesday - we have 25-30 coming at present
Pastor Mark

We thank God and all of you for your prayers for this winter camp and pray for the growth in the Lord of these ones that responded during the camp

Pastor Mark

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Colse Leung said...

Awesome work! Keep it up!! God Bless you all!!