Thursday, January 28, 2010

President Basecu comes to town

The newly elected president of Romania came for his first foreign visit in his new mandate to the Republic of Moldova.
He is spending 2 days in Moldova and to-day ( the second after a visit to Chisinau ) he came down South to us.

He is the bald man in the centre of the picture

He visited a war memorial cementry in Tiganca
The South West of Moldova where we live was originally part of Romania and the front lines of battle in WWII were fought around this area with many Romanians being killed and buried in this cementry about 10Km from us in Gotesti.

Many people from our village and other nearby areas braved the -10C temps to turn out to see him.

One of those loyal souls was Suceava girl Mari McCormick. (In fact she had sent an e mail a couple of days ago inviting him to pop in for a coffee at Karis Pizza on his way onwards to Cahul - he didn't, having already been booked into a Restaurant in Cahul )

Here she is posing in front of the car that was transporting Traian Basescu during his time in Moldova. (Not sure the driver would be too happy about this picture of a dirty car.)

Mari came back home sparkling - she'd got to shake his hand and bless him in the name of the Lord and if Mr Basescu has any discernment he'll have gone onto Cahul also sparkling having shaken the hand of my wife.

Pastor Mark

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