Monday, February 15, 2010

Ruslan and Larisa's baby

Many of you have been asking how Larisa is getting on and whether the birth of their baby is close.

Well it isn't close, it has been and gone -last Friday, a week early. (It'll be great to have her as a member in the church - to have at least one person early for the meetings)

Here is mum and baby in the hospital. She is such a quiet and contented child we had to smack her to get some reaction - only kidding!!! ( before I get any law suits )
She was 3.7Kg at birth and both she and mum are doing well.
It seems they may be out of hospital after a couple more days.
They haven't decided on a name for her yet.
Watch this space!
Pastor Mark

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Helene said...

Oh what a beautiful little one! Congratulations to Larisa and Ruslan, she truly is a gem! Hope all's going well. Love and best wishes, Helene xx