Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mothering Sunday

Every year in Moldova we have the equivalent of mothering Sunday.

It is actually a day for all ladies, mothers or not and it is celebrated on 8th of March.

We had a special church service on 7th March in recognition of the day and invited families.

There was a good turnout with many new people coming as their children were in the programme

The children also did a lovely programme as always

Here our 7-11 age group did songs and poems and were dressed in red and white which are the significant colours for the 8th March celebration

Meanwhile the youngest group appeared in angels costumes to remind their mothers of exactly what they are not.

Only kidding - they're little darlings really

A lovely touch thought up by the Sunday school teachers was that each child take a flower and find their mother in the congregation and give it to her

Here Rachael is passing her flower onto Mari

Later in the day was the latest installment in our Alpha course.
We are still getting around 60 come each week from all the churches in the region.
There were 12 that gave their lives to Christ the week before and all were at the meeting on 7th March
The subject was "The Church" - we spoke of how new birth brings us into the family of God, the church, and also of the priviledges and responsibilities of being part of the church.
We also looked at baptism and invited them to come the following Sunday at the same time when we were planning to replace the Alpha study with a baptism meeting with 8 candidates due to get baptised from 3 different villages.
Pastor Mark

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