Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dedication of Alisa

A couple of Sundays ago we had the dedication of Alisa Lazar, first child of Aliona and Viorel.

It's our tradition to dedicate both the child, the parents and ourselves as church members to the Lord to serve in Alisa's spiritual growth before praying a blessing on her.

Here I am explaining that before we ask the Lord to grant his blessing upon Alisa, Viorel and Aliona as parents need to dedicate themselves to bring up Alisa in the fear and knowledge of God by teaching her His Word as she grows up and by be a living example to her.

Here I have just finished praying the words of the blessing from Num 6:23-26 upon here.

She was one dear little girl with not a cry or a whimper the whole time.
This must be one of my favourite photos ever taken at Gotesti church. In the centre is Alisa being held by our oldest member and her great grandfather Costea. Despina in the back is also one of our members and Alisa's grandmother and then Alisa is flanked by Aliona her mother one our members who grew up in the church
God is faithful
Pastor Mark

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