Monday, September 27, 2010

Repairing the Church

We have begun the expensive, time consuming but absolutely necessary repairs to our church building and the building beside.

During the winter the roof of this building was covered in snow and it finally gave way.
Thus we have been removing the destroyed sections of roof, clearing up the debris etc inside and then we sealed up the part of the building where the roof hadn't fallen down.
This means we are still able to use half the building for storing aid etc.
The roof of our church building was in desperate need of repair.

The apex had been leaking for some years now and we have always had flooding when there was a heavy rain.

Many of the roof panels were cracked and needed replaced

The rest of the roof needed power hose cleaning and then all needed painted. We found that many of the roof trusses were also in poor state

Then the toilets need totally overhauled.

Inside we replaced the worn DVP flooring with tiles

Here are Sergiu and Ilusa laying the tiles but various brothers from the church in Gotesti and in Chircani were involved throughout

In the Spring we will need to paint the outisde of the church and replace the tiling at the front of the church grounds etc etc.

We are not yet finished and it is just as well that our planned baptism in October has been delayed until the new year as we would have had a job to get all finished in time.

Yours and His

Pastor Mark

Here are some of the team that have been doing the work although Ilusa one of our key workers was not here on this particaulr occassion as he was organising the harvesting of our sun flower seeds for oil for the aid packets.

In fact the brothers have all been mixing the work at the church with time out for their own needful things.

There is a great deal of work that needs done inside the church also as well as these things outside.

Pray the Lord provides and enables

Pastor Mark

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