Thursday, October 21, 2010

Religion in School teachers conference

As you may know a law was passed here in Moldova during the summer that religion as an optional subject was now to be taught in schools in Moldova.

The Orthodox church produced a syllabus as did the evangelical churches and both were approved by the education department.

A couple of weeks ago all the qualified teachers in our area who were committing themselves to teach the Evangelical syllabus in schools were gathered together to get some training and received the teaching pack etc. We had 5 attend from Gotesti.

Mr Mihail Malancev, a very well known Moldovan theologian and director of the Baptist Bible Seminary in Chisinau was the main speaker.

He has much experience also in the field of education and speaks around the world on Christian education.
He helped us see the significance of an evangelical curriculum in a school education system and inspired all the teachers to their task

One of the ministers of education for the South also came to the conference and was very helpful and encouraging in his talk.

Our teachers were inspired by the day and made themselves available to serve wherever there may be a need.

In our school in Gotesti there were 65 children from the age of 7 to 16 whose parents signed a request form for their kids to get the evangelical religious education lecture in the school.
Last week after some initial teething problems we started all the groups in the school.
Marina ( on the right of this picture ) takes 2 classes on Wednesdays for 7&8 yr olds and 9&10 yr olds with around 15-20 in each class.
Tanya, on Thursdays, takes 2 classes for 11&12 yr olds and 13-16 yr olds. around 10-15 are signed up for each class.
These classes have started late into the year and so they have had to tie together some of the subjects to try to make up the lost lecture time but their first lessons were about the Bible as the word of God and the creation and the fall.
Keep these two dedicated girls in your prayers especially since they are both young mothers
Pastor Mark

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