Thursday, October 21, 2010

School Teachers Day

Every year in Moldova teachers in school are recognised for their hard work on teachers day.

The children usually produce a special programme and pupils usually also bring gifts to their teachers as they are able.

Since Karis Pizza opened we have been able to honour our teachers also by providing a pizza meal at Karis Pizza for all the teachers that want to come.

This year we had around 45 attend.

Here in the centre of this picture is Mr Bibic who is the senior IT teacher in the school and also takes dance lessons after school and alongside him is his wife also a teacher ( of mathmatics ) in the school.

Here are some of the main leaders in the school including Ms Olga Sinegur in the centre of the picture who is the head teacher.

This year we were also pleased to have some former teachers now retired with us.

To the left of the picture is Mr Alister Boghean who is not only a retired teacher but was a mayor of the village for a while some years ago.

Pray for these dedicated teachers who do a faithful job year in year out for little pay

Yours and His

Pastor Mark

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