Friday, November 12, 2010

new Believers Meeting at Porumbesti

Following the mission week celebrating the opening of the new building in Porumbesti Pastor Stefan and his wife Veta called us to assist in the first meeting of new believers.

There was an encouraging turn out with 10 of the 15 adults that responded during the week coming to the new believers meeting.

Of the 5 that didn't come one we knew is working in the flour mill ( he has already asked to be baptised wanting to demonstrate his total dedication to Christ publically thru' baptism )
Three others were older ladies and they live quite far away so that may have made it more difficult to come.

The other was a man who had a drinking problem. When I mentioned to Stefan my disappointment that he had not come Stefan told me that he had visited him earlier that day and when Stefan had discovered that he was separated from his wife Stefan exhorted him that this was not how a true believer should live and that he should go and get reconciled to his wife ( who lives in another village ). He wasn't at the meeting because he had gone to do what Stefan said he should.
During the mission week many of the kids that came to the children's outreach mission also responded to appeals. Stefan encouraged the kids not to come to this new believers meeting but rather to come to the new club which they plan to start this Saturday.

Also on Saturday, Veta, Stefan's wife will start English lessons using materials called "English for a New Life" which uses the gospel of John to teach English but also help students to come to know Christ

Igor from our church in Gotesti led the new believers study helping Stefan and Veta to see how the material works

Pray for Igor as he continues to help them in this work and for Stefan Veta and Elena ( a girl form the church as they start the new children's work this Saturday.

Pastor Mark

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