Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visit to Baimaclia

One of the joys of having this role of serving the churches in Cantemir is that I get to go to these different churches and meet the leaders and the people.

In the last weeks we have been involved with Porumbesti as they have gone onto a new phase, having opened their church building

This last Sunday I visited the church at Baimaclia where Valentin Sacali and his wife Zinaida lead the work.
The church was planted by Valentin in 1990 and quickly grew to nearly 40 but in these last years they are down to 26 members due to believers emigrating mostly to USA.
Here Valentin is bringing a final word of encouragement after I had preached a little bit earlier, on Eph 2:8-10

How we are saved
How we are not saved
And why we are saved.

Valentin, Zinaida and their 4 children live in the building attached to this church building which really just has the meeting room and a pastor's office ( they could really do with some Sunday school rooms and a creche ).

Valentin supports himself by running a mill and bakery supplying fresh bread to Baimaclia and several nearby villages. Like many of the village churches they do not have a sound system or yamaha and here, again often the case, the pastor leads the worship, in this instance with an acordion.
Nonetheless there was great joy amongst us and it was a pleasure to be part of the fellowship of the Lord's people in this village of 3000.
Pray for me and them as we consider how we might work together in the future
Pastor Mark

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