Monday, November 7, 2011

Andy Jo and Su in Moldova

We had a wondeful albeit short time in September when Andy Drake the new director of Eurovangelism and Jo Vickery the Minister at Downend Church of England in Bristol and Sue an experienced member of their church came out to us in Moldova to meet with the partners and also take a conference with men.

Downend partner with the church in Pelinei and thus they came to see all the different aspects of the work that Misa Hiorescu and Ina are involved in at the church in Pelinei and Usoaia where they have recently planted a new church.

The church runs a centre for vulnerable kids. Around 25 come 3 days a week to the church and have a meal and then play games and study the bible.

Jo and Sue were able to participate in the programme when Sue told a story to illustrate the gospel message.

On Sunday the team came to be with the church in Pelinei for the morning meeting when Joe preached and then later we all went to the church plant at Usoaia where Joe was able to bring the word again

On Saturday Andy spoke at a conference held in Gotesti church and attended by around 70 pastors and workers from the South.

His subject was how to reach men with the gospel and we learned many important principles and ideas.

Afterwards we took a photo of Andy and all who attended outside the church.

A hectic but great time together

Pastor Mark

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