Monday, October 31, 2011

Rachael and Abigail at Summer Camp

Both Rachael and Abigail went to a summer camp for 5 days this year - it's the first time they have been away to such a thing as we usually have day camps in Gotesti.

The camp was run by Anatol and Nadia Dunas the pastor of the church in Cahul - he is pictured in the background in the red shirt.

Both our girls had a wondeful time of fun and also learning of the the Lord

Rachael came back changed and Nadia rang me from the bus on the way home to say what a helpful blessing Rachael had been - she's at that age now where her faith is maturing.

Abigail had a lovely time also and here they are pictured with David one of Anatol's sons and Andrea, the daughter of Mariana our manageress of the coffee shop and one of Abigail's best friends

We thank the team of Americans who came and participated in the summer camp and also carried the bulk of the expenses for the camp.

Pastor Mark

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