Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome aboard Grija and Catea

This is Grija & Catea from the village of Pascani.

They have joined us in the work here for 3 months and came to us this Sunday.

Both are in their early 40's and in fact were converted in the very first mission we did in Moldova in 1995 in the village of Manta.

Both are evangelists by gifting, especially Grija while Catea is in fact our accountant for the coffee shop and so her being here will also be a great help when the coffee shop opens

Our vision for Gotesti is to visit every home in the village, by the end of 2008 giving each family the best possible opportunity to hear the gospel while seeking to see them come to the church.

Since August we have visited 400 homes but there are 1500 in Gotesti and because our evagelism team members have been very busy with various other personal committments we have been unable to do any more houses and also unable to follow up the 150 or so houses that asked to have another visit to hear more of the gospel.

We have about 100 others that have completed response cards asking for a bible study and 100 or so non Christian adults from the Christmas meeting that have all not yet been followed up This and the many other opportunities that there are is why felt to get another evangelist in to help us.

They will work with us 4 days per week Sunday to Wednesday and although Grija is gifted in many areas as well as various practical skills we will try to keep him working largely on our evangelistic need.

Pray they get settled in easily and our believers take to them and support them

Pastor Mark

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