Sunday, January 6, 2008

Only God

I couldn't resist taking a photo of these two brothers in the Lord together

Vova who many of you already know as the former mafia man who has been recently saved has been fasting and praying with Valera for a difficult situation in his family.

They had been fasting on Thursay and now Valera came to visit Vova yesterday ( Saturday )

What makes it such a lovely photo is that Valera is the assistant chief constable for the Cantemir region.

Vova had been before him for various crimes more than once in the past but now they are BROTHERS IN CHRIST AND PARTNERS IN INTERCESSION.
Glory to God

We had a lovely time at the new believers meeting on Thursday in Chircani. There were 10 that came and we expect 2 or 3 others at next week's meeting as they were unable to come for legitimate reasons.

I will post a picture of all the new believers next week after our meeting together but this is Nina
Pray for her. She used to be a member but was never born again and fell away and even became quite against the church
She has now got born again some time in December and is on fire.
She is witnessing to everyone and visiting neighbours etc. Pray the Lord bears fruit by her
Pray for our Christmas outreach programme in the village of Constantinovca which will take place on Jan 8 ( the day after the old Orthodox Christmas)
We await the return of our team that took 25 adolecsnts to Chisinau for a winter camp
Pastor Mark

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