Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mission In Slobozia Mare

I had the priviledge of preaching the gospel at this Easter outreach meeting in the clutural house in the village of Slobozia Mare.

Slobozia has over 7000 residents and around 600 attended this one night mission

One of the worship groups that provided the programme for the event was this group from Hincesti

It's hard to decribe how harmonius and powerful their voices were and the songs they sang were a real aid to the preaching of the gospel

I would loved to have found out but did not get the chance to ask what mishap had occured that the brother on the end was wearing a white and not peach shirt

It was particularly encouraging to be involved as the event was a joint mission run by the Pentecostal and Baptist churches in the village. It is the third such meeting and all have produced souls saved.

This was also no exception with around 30 responding including the son and daughter- in- law of the pastor of the Baptist church.

I would loved to have had a picture of this to show you with all three out at the front weeping as his son and daughter in law entered the kingdom of God for eternity but of course I was doing the appealing at the time. Interestingly his daughter-in -law was one of the first to come out to the front but his son was the very last to come ( when making appeals I am always reminded of Billy Graham's testimony that when he got born again he came out to the front after the umpteenth appeal with the preacher saying he would just wait a little longer to see if someone else wanted to come. )

Jesus said "Behold I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him... Rev 3:20
Many people hear him knocking and keep Him waiting. If you are one of those my prayer for you this Easter as you read this blog is that you will open the door and let Him in.
Pastor Mark

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