Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Meeting in Constantinovca

Here we are doing the Easter meeting in Constantinovca at the kindergarten

There were 10 unsaved parents there which in fact apart from the team was the whole turn out as we only have one member from the village
I spoke at 4 meetings over the Easter period and interestingly enough felt the message here was the most powerful of all although only one person outwardly responded. I have long since abondoned the idea of how I have "felt" in the preaching of a message as relating to how effective it has been having seen the Lord many times use messages that I have felt were as dead as the stage I preached them from.

Notwithstanding this many of our team feel that the Lord is soon going to bring a harvest in this village - please remember it in your prayers

Only half the kids turned up ( a breakdown in communication I think ) so our team was not able to do the programme including an Easter play that was planned

Instead the kids sang two songs and then 4 of our girls in the team grouped together and improvised with another series of songs.

Bless them - "... being ready in season and out of season..."

Cristina, on the right, even stepped up to the Yamaha and provided a song when I asked unexpectedly (for her ) for a song for the appeal.

It's all good experience for them.

Isn't it?

Pastor Mark

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