Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Work begins on the new Chircani church community centre

Well, finally work has begun on the new church community centre at Chircani, one of our church plants.
In the front of the picture you can see Ruslan ( with his back to the camera ) who along with me will be responsible for this church plant as it now starts to meet in it's own village again. It was 5 or 6 years ago that we used to meet in the building you can see in the background until the owners kicked us out. The same owners are now selling it to us and what a struggle and strain it has been.
We have had the money ready in December on threat by them of loosing the building to someone else but here we are in April and they have still not got the documents ready for us to legally and correctly buy it.
However the word is that they have now got the last necessary document and we should exchange contracts this Wednesday - please pray.

If you haven't got the documents why are you starting work I hear you ask. Well what the boys are doing here is digging a trench for running water to be connected to the building. Up until now, nowhere in Chircani has had running water. Now a firm has come to install the system and almost all the village (all those that could afford it) have made the contract with them to install. Each home owner then has to provide the trench for his section of main system and also the trench to his property.
If we didn't take up the option now then later it would be much more expensive.

Our vision is to convert this building into a church community centre.

The building is in a terrible state of repair - the roof needs replaced and all the rooms bar one are like this and need gutted and renovated but the shell is made of reinforced concrete beams and columns and is very sound

Our vision for this room would be to convert it into a day centre with kitchen for vulnerable children, invalids and the old and needy. We would hope to have regular meetings for all 4 groups when we could meet their various needs as well as share the Lord with them.
We have another room this size that we will use for holding our church services.

The lord has been blessing the work in Chircani and we have seen several adults recently come to faith in the village and many more show interest.
The children's work is also growing. This year a new law meant we could no longer use the school premesis; this was the precipitating factor in us having to get a building
We have 4 rooms like this one pictured which we want to convert into 2 Sunday school rooms, a youth\adolescents room and a sports room.
We have raised enough in gifts and promises so far to replace the roof we believe and maybe also do the electrics but it still leaves us needing another 40-50,000$ to complete this project.
If you feel the Lord moving you to help with the costs of this project by giving a gift small or large please contact me on markmold7@hotmail.com for more details
But can we ask for your prayers that
1) We get the documents sorted on Wednesday
2) For the brothers as they give of their labour and services in the building work free or for little charge
3) That he provides the remaining funds necessary
4) That perhaps other teams from the West will come out to be involved in the construction work
Yours and His
Pastor Mark

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