Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mari's Passion

In October Mari was invited to Chisinau to speak to a ladies meeting that is run by Isus Salvatorul church and held in the Emanuel clinic chapel.

The meeting takes place every month
and draws ladies from dirrerent denominations with around 40 usually coming.

Eugenia, on the left in the grey jacket and white blouse runs the meetings.

She does ministries for the baptist churhces throughout Moldova.

She gave Mari the subject to share on - Passion in mariage -

Mari addressed the subject over 2 meetings; one in October and one in November.

At times you could hear a pin drop as
my wife touched on subjects that clearly all the ladies would like to hear more about

Afterwards I was asked what I thought about Mari's talks

"It's the longest I've ever listened to Mari without interupting her" I said
Mari says to know how the talks really went we would need to ask the husbands. As for me I've had a smle on my fce ever since

Pastor Mark

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