Monday, November 9, 2009

Missions in the South 4-8 Nov

A series of missions have been taking place right across the South of Moldova during 4-8 Novemeber.
We had one at Gotesti to which we called different preachers for each night while I went to other churhces to preach the gospel
This is one of the churches we went to - Antonesti - and here Maricica and 3 of the girls from our church at Gotesti are doing a programme of songs and a testimony before I came onto preach

I also had the priviledge of being invited to preach on Saturday night at the church in Vad lui Isaac where around 150 came.
This is Jonathan and Richard who are living and ministering in Bucuresti. They took part in the service sharing 2 songs

There were 5 people who gave their lives to the Lord in an appeal after the message including Cristina and Eugenia pictured here.

This was a particularly special moment for me to have participated in - the occassion when they both gave their whole lives to Christ. Both girls had gone to school in Gotesti for 3 years living with Iulian during that time and coming to the church at Gotesti. Despite many opportunities they had not given their lives to Christ but we always felt they were close.

Meanwhile, we also had John Dyson, my pastor and one of our trustees, over with us along with Geoff Collier a member in my home church.
They had come to preach and give testimony, respectively in various other venues in the mission week of the South.

Unfortunately since we were never in the same place I have no photos of Geoff giving testimony and only this one of John preaching at Gotesti with Igor translating at the baptism meeting on Sunday evening in Gotesti.
Natasa and Colia were the 2 that got baptised and both gave their testimony in the meeting

Igor assisted in the baptism as he is the youth leader and largely responsibile for the discipling of both Natasa and Colia

Colia could not get the smile off his face from start to finish

His brother Viorel was baptised last year and both are very active servants of the Lord already

Pastor Mark

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